Let me introduce you to George Lamport, our favorite of the week! Coming straight from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK he as an almost perfect professional record of 9 victories out of 10 fights. The 23-year old fighter was introduced to boxing by his cousin Jimmy Sines and since then his life has changed for better!

JabtoJab: How did boxing arrived at your life till today?

George Lamport: When I was a young kid I was bullied for many reason, I was overweight, gypsy and all around nerdy so I was a easy target, but my cousin Jimmy Sines took me to a boxing gym one day and it changed my life for the better, and even till this day I box because I love it.

I think we should bring boxing to schools and I honestly think it would change the whole UK

How do you think boxing could impact the young men and women life’s in United Kingdom? I think we should bring boxing to schools and I honestly think it would change the whole UK, boxing teaches us respect, discipline and also how to fight on a safe controlled environment, I believe this is needed tomorrow knife crime in the UK.

What British boxing style have that other nationalities don’t have? where is it going in the future? When I think of British boxing I think smooth skillful or rough and ready, it’s a great mix and I think British boxers are up there with the Mexicans and Americans when it comes to class.

Sports at close doors are arrived. It will be a completely different challenge. We were in quarantine for several months. No competition rhythm. Less training. How do you think it will be the physical and mental impact in an athlete like yourself? Lock down was a weird one for me, it challenged me mentally as I’ve suffered with mental heath on the past but we must learn to move on, I learned a lot about myself during lock down and took time out to nurse a knee injury I’ve had, but all in all boxing is back and that’s all that matters.

How can professional athletes and coaches that depend of the events revenue, survive and overcome these difficult times? Did the British government provide any kind of support? Its hard times for as all and the government has done its bit, I think people get the wrong idea about our leaders because of young snowflakes constantly moaning about the government after taking government help, never bite the hand that feeds you, I feel like Boris has had to deal with the hardest time of this nations life and he’s done a good job.

How has been your trainings during this period and what’s your secret to keep in shape? Unfortunately I have had a knee injury during lock down so I’ve only just started back in the gym but I believe in taking a break from boxing sometimes, it’s a must otherwise you grow to hate the sport, but my advice to keep in Shape is run, skip and swim, nothing better then cardio

What are your professional goals for the rest of the year? Well I’d love the Cheeseman or Konway fight, massive respect to both fighters but I believe in myself, we will just have to see what the future holds.

Also I’d like to thank my coaches and sponsors for helping during this time especially Union-ink aldershot, BML brickwork, big school and westlab bath salts

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