Привет! Originally from a city called Samara, in Russia, the 34-years old boxer is preparing to face Joe Smith Jr next Saturday 10th April 2021, at Osage Casino, Oklahoma, United States. Ranked 2nd by the WBO at Light Heavyweight, his current record stands at 45 wins, 3 loses and 0 draws. But life is not only boxing for Maksim. Currently learning English he also loves to spend time with his family, to cook (Specially Russian pancakes recipe) and help the less fortunate.

How did boxing enter your life? It all started with my uncle that was a boxer. One day he took me to the gym to train and since then I never stopped.

Who’s your favorite boxer and why? James Tony. I like his boxing stile. But I only like him as a boxer, not as a person.

How was the first time you enter a competition and what did you learn from it? It was during an amateur fight when I was 11 years old. I actually don’t remember how I felt back then. As a professional, I also don’t remember my first fight either. I was too excited!

I understand. With all that adrenaline times fly. What about trash talk? Do you think it is important for the mind games and actually impact your opponent before the fight or it is just for the fans and the build up of contest? I think that to some extent of this can actually affect the opponent. But not everyone. You have to feel it.

And about the new exhibitions fights that are arriving with professional boxers fighting non-professional ones. What are your thoughts about that? I honestly think this is not a bad thing. It will just make more boxing fans appear. That’s positive.

I agree. How is your preparation for your next fight the 10/04 and what will be your strategy to win? The preparation is going well! But I prefer not to reveal my plan for the fight next Saturday!

That’s fair! Plans for 2021? I will make plans after this fight. One thing at a time.

Good luck for Saturday! Thanks men!

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