“Log on to download lots of free resources for coaches and boxers, watch back gatherings and campfires. Share with your friends, fellow coaches and boxers. There will be new resources added constantly. Most will be free to our members when you join the site for free, some will have a small charge so we can ensure the overheads are met. We have some incredible opportunities and exciting announcements to be made shortly. At stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is a quick video about our challenge cards. Take your boxers to the next level with 95 challenges to make them think and act! We would like to thank you all for your help and unwavering support to help us get to where we are now; a place where coaches connect, share and grow to make us all better for the people who trust in us – our boxers”, Team TBG

The Box Gathering Mission

We believe that the boxing community should work together for the ongoing betterment of the sport. TBG seek to connect coaches to create opportunities to establish connection with a personalised means of engagement.

Once connected, we will create various mediums of sharing underpinned by principles of learning and engagement in a psychologically safe environment.

Members choose to engage in areas of interest to them so they can grow and develop their own learning journey. This will be achieved through regular feedback between TBG and it’s membership.

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