Finally, that day of the week arrived! His name is Sajid Abid, 26 years old Kashmiri heritage, born and raised in England, Derby to be more specific. His a promising pro welterweight boxer, trainer and NHS employee.

When it happen your first contact with boxing? I was first introduced into boxing at the age of 12 by my uncle who took a look at me and instantly thought i needed toughening up and well… I really couldn’t argue with him. In vision, a young Asian harry potter looking 12 year old… now give him asthma… well that was me! After a lot of hard work I was able to control my asthma and considering how it hindered me from playing sports and utilizing my full ability… I noticed the gradual improvement on the other sports. I play thanks to the fitness I gained from boxing training.

Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul

What is your motivation for training? I train because it gives me the ability to utilize my body to its full potential and it mentally keeps me in shape also. Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul.

Which is the boxer you like the most and why? For simply what hes done, Mohammed Ali. There is no competition, I don’t need to explain. The titles, THE GREATEST was given to him for a reason which stretches past. Just boxing.

I would take getting knocked out in sparring 100 times over getting knocked out in a fight

And sparring? Describe us the feeling you have when sparring with your colleagues? Sparring for me is perfect way of learning and implementing new techniques to perfection, before I take it onto the big stage. I would take getting knocked out in sparring 100 times over getting knocked out in a fight. Any day sparring is the most sufficient way to learn, in the most similar way possible to an actual fight.

Besides boxing been a sport where we have lots of physical contact do you believe that if everybody practice, we will have less violence in the streets for example? 100% agree the more people learn how to control themselves and learn discipline through boxing you will find no need to prove to anyone on the streets that you can fight. You will be the bigger man simply because you would learn self restraint.

Do you believed that who practice boxing becomes a better person in work, with family, friends? I believe boxing becomes a safe haven for people to vent their frustrations and day to day stress. So yes, I do agree that it helps better you as a person outside of it.

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