Every Monday we are going to take a closer look into amateur boxing. How all started. How boxing change their life and other interesting insights about this noble art. The name of our first guest is Jethro Simon and he comes from Paris.

Jab-to-Jab: When was your first contact with boxing?

Jethro Simonn: My first contact with boxing was in the ESCAL (Etoile Sportive Culturelle Artistique Londaise) Boxing Club in the south of France.

What is your motivation to train? My motivation is the pleasure of surpassing myself physically and mentally in the ring.

Which boxer you admire? My favourite boxer is the American Thomas Hearns. Since I saw is iconic fight against Marvin Hagler that I became a fan.

Describe your relationship with your colleagues and coaches? Thanks to the Apollo Sporting Club in Serris (Paris) I train with the best coaches and sports colleagues.

Sparring? Describe the sensations when your sparring with your colleagues? I describe the sensations of sparring as perfects. Each of us has its own style and the atmosphere it is great. Also, everybody tries to adapt to each other style in order to progress easily.

Even if boxing it is a sport with lots of physical contact do you think that if everybody practice, we will have less violence in the world? Yes! For sure I think boxing is a good way to channel yourself.

Do you think boxing turns you into a better person at work, with family, friends? Boxing allowed me to gain confidence in me and always advanced in my life, despite the setbacks. This was an opportunity for my friends and family discover a new side of me.

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