“You don’t find boxing, boxing finds you.” An exclusive interview with Russ Anber Part 1

"You don't find boxing, boxing finds you." An exclusive interview with Russ Anber Part 1

by Mate Foldi

In February 2021, Jab-to-Jab sat down with legendary trainer, cutman, and founder of Rival Boxing Russ Anber. Listen to Part 1 where we discuss the origins of his love affair with the sport, what coaching and being a teacher means to Russ, his top commandments, his thoughts on boxing today, and how his game-changing company, Rival, came about.

Stay tuned for Part 2 which comes out next week. Not to be missed as we dive deep into the athletes Russ has worked with both as a coach and at Rival, whether he has a ‘one that got away’, what makes Rival special, the fitness demands of the sports, and the legacy he hopes to leave.