Watch: Nigeria And The Dambe Warriors

God bless Nigeria for keeping boxing traditions alive! Dambe is a style of boxing related with the Hausa people of West Africa. The winners of this ancient sport receive prizes in the form of motorcycles, cars and presents from fans.

“Dambe is a martial art of the Hausa people from West Africa. Competitors in a typical match aim to subdue each other into total submission mostly within three rounds. It often results in serious bodily injuries for the challengers such as broken jaws and ribs. The tradition is dominated by Hausa butcher caste groups, and over the last century evolved from clans of butchers traveling to farm villages at harvest time, integrating a fighting challenge by the outsiders into local harvest festival entertainment. It was also traditionally practiced as a way for men to get ready for war, and many of the techniques and terminology allude to warfare. Today, companies of boxers travel performing outdoor matches accompanied by ceremony and drumming, throughout the traditional Hausa homelands of northern Nigeria, southern Niger and southwestern Chad. The name “Dambe” derives from the Hausa word for “boxe”, and appears in languages like Bole as Dembe. Boxers are called by the Hausa word “daæmaænga”. Wikipedia

Video courtesy: Data Box

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