This week guest comes from Germany and she participated in her first professional boxing event in late march. Get to know a little bit more about Nicole and what she thinks about the benefits of boxing and becoming a professional.

Jabtojab: How did you start boxing?  

Nicole: At the age of 13, after some years of horse riding, I wanted to do a sport that powers me out. Because of watching a TV show in which my favorite character did boxing, I wanted to try it too.I went to my current gym and tried the K1/Kickboxing-class and fell in love with it right away.

What makes boxing such a special sport and why you didn’t chose another? Boxing is a great way to do something for your body and soul! Apart from shaping your body and increasing your ability to focus and concentrate, boxing gives you a lot of self-confidence. Besides you get to know a lot of people and find new friends.

Boxing is a great way to do something for your body and soul!

Take us through your last event? My last fight was my pro boxing debut, at the 7th March in this year, 2020. It didn’t take long (to my regret), because of my opponent who turned her back on me. The referee assessed it as a sign, that she didn’t want to continue fighting.
It wasn’t the greatest way to win the fight, but I’m sure that I would have knocked her out if the referee didn’t top the fight. (you can see the full fight here)

What advice’s can you give to somebody that aspires to be professional? Don’t put yourself under pressure. Even if it looks like all that professionals are training every day and giving their best, everybody knows these days when you are feeling tired and your muscles are sore. When you feel like you need some rest: Listen to your body!
There were days when my body needed a break badly, but I thought that I have tot rain to reach my goals. It took me a long time to learn that rest days are as important as training days. Do yourself a favor and take a break!

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