Naylor Ball: Assault On Heavyweight Division

Ladies and Gentlemen! Coming from Iver, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, 23 years old, this week Favorite: Naylor Ball! His pro debut in the Heavyweight pro division started in 2017 and his fight record is 7 wins out of 8 fights.

JabtoJab: When it happen your first contact with boxing? I was 14 years old when I first started boxing was very keen when I started

What is your motivation for training? My motivation is to better myself and show everyone how good I can be.

How is your relationship with your coaches and colleagues when you are training? I have a very good relationship with my coach John Edwards in and out of the gym.

Which is the boxer you like the most and why? The boxer I like best is Tyson fury because he’s an unpredictable boxer.

And sparring? Describe us the feeling you have when sparring with your colleagues? When I’m sparring it a practice to try out your skills and new techniques.

Did you ever participate in a boxing Event? How was the feeling? I have participated in many boxing events and make you feel very good to be a part of a big boxing tournament especially when you get finals or win.

Besides boxing been a sport where we have lots of physical contact do you believe that if everybody practice, we will have less violence in the streets for example? I think boxing is a great sport for self-discipline and to bring community’s together as when different races are in a boxing gym it’s just gym full of mates.

Do you believed that who practice boxing becomes a better person in work, with family, friends? Boxing does bring the best out of everyone.

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