Everyone wants the best for their children and Adeyemo Olayiwola is no exception to that! Originally from Oyo state in Nigeria, he had a dream: becoming a world boxing champion. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as expected and like he said: it was in God’s hands. Still, the prophecy confirms. If God intended to have an Adeyemo World Boxing Champion he was right. Not the father though but the son, also called Adeyemo and his only five years old.

Boxing it is indeed a world while sport and even on remote places like Oyo, Nigeria we breed boxing. This is the testimony of Adeyemo the father and a photo gallery:

“My name is Adeyemo Olayiwola and I am a native of Oyo state in Nigeria”. I do plumbing for a living and boxing is something I do on the side. Originally my plan for boxing was to become a world champion but God knows the best for us. I had an arm injury which eventually caused me to abandon boxing”.

“However my love for boxing helped me make up my mind and become a professional boxing trainer. To this end, I went to visit a coach called Taiwo Adegbite, with whom I stayed and learned more about boxing for about one year. Afterwards, I started my own gym called Team SMD. I have a kid of whose name is Adeyemo Somod and when he was 2 years of age, I discovered he had a talent for boxing”.

Due to space constraints, we use my house for training. I take advantage of the fields around my house and use the open ground as our boxing gym.

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