He teaches is students and then he shows them how it is done! Michael Englert, was born in Rochester, New York but now lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina where he works as trainer at Saint Michaels Boxing Club. But his not an ordinary trainer, Michel is 50 years old and besides passing is knowledge to the next generations of boxers, he still steps into the ring once in a while. We had the opportunity for a quick chat with Michael. Dive in!

How did boxing enter your life and why did it stay till now? I used to get in a lot fights growing up. A police officer back them took me to a boxing trainer and told me that boxing would keep me out of trouble. He was right.

How is your relationship with your coaches and how important is to progress your training? My trainer is and old friend who I came up through the amateurs with. Luis Pagan. He pushes me but my fighter that I train push me harder in the gym and help me.

What is your motivation for training? The fight!! The Competition. That motivates me. I love that part of the game

Which is the boxer you like the most and why? Roberto Duran is probably my favorite fighter of all time. He was tough and could box. He fought with a passion. Always admired him.

And sparring? Describe us the feeling you have when sparring with your colleagues? Sparring is practice. Like any other sport you should t go all out. And use sorting to build you skill level. I’m usually really relaxed in sparring.

“Me and my undefeated heavyweight Moses Johnson”

How was the feeling of participating in a boxing match? The adrenaline kicks in and you can let it all hang out. All of your hard work!!

What kind of advices can you give to a person that wanted to try boxing but didn’t yet have the courage to do it? Train hard and always be in shape. You can know how to box and have a lot of skill. But once you get tired it’s a whole new ball game.

In terms of boxing what do you see doing in 2021? Fighting as much a s possible. I’m 50 years old so my days are numbered I’m sure.

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