Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr: Will You Be Watching?

Tony Jeffries explains why this should not happen!

Legends Only League! Former Undisputed Heavyweight World Champion Mike Tyson will return to the ring to face former four divisions World Champion Roy Jones JR, this time on the November 28. The two months controversial delay, threatened Jones Jr to to withdraw from the bout because if economic interests and training schedule.

Tony Jeffries, an Olympic medalist boxer and Co-owner of two boxing fitness gyms in Los Angeles, give us a precious analysis, fight predictions and why this should not happen.

“I honestly don’t have a clue who’s gonna win that’s why I wanna watch it so badly, I feel like Mike is gonna come out thinking he’s 20 again and on fire for 2 rounds but after that I think he’ll be burnt out and get bullied by Roy Jones jr and eventually stopped in the fifth so I think early highlight reel ko by Mike in first 2 or Jones stops him in later rounds” HewoGames

” 1. I don’t personally think its a great idea for them to fight due to their advanced age and neither have anything to prove BUT they’re fully grown men who at one point were both world class cream of the crop athletes and fighters so it’s their choice. 2. I’m definitely excited and going to be watching it. 3. You’ve made some good points and time off is huge” Cutmasta-c

Video Courtesy: Tony Jeffries

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