We at Jab-To-Jab we take boxing very seriously! It is like a medicine! It can really save lives from depression. This noble art it is a highly entertaining sport and their participants (the boxers) are like movie stars. It is survival mode when you step into the ring. We are very interested where boxing came from, why is still here and where is it going. We advise you that our articles only tell the truth: the good and the bad side of any story. We guaranty you will be entertained!

Voilà, the editorial staff:

David Augere-Villanueva

Máté Földi. A journalist by trade but storyteller at heart, Máté is currently based in Paris freelancing as a sports news commentator at Eurosport International. In 2018, his short story “Memories of Eden” beat over 7,000 others to win the World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship.

Pedro Esteves A passionate for sports and a digital media enthusiast started freelance writing in 2013. Pedro conducted interviews with known boxers and other athletes.