We at Jab-To-Jab take boxing very seriously. We believe boxing can be a medicine; the required concentration and ability to lose yourself in the practice can save lives from bouts of depression and anxiety. This noble art is a highly entertaining sport, with the boxers often held in celebrity status, as the last modern day gladiators. We are interested in both the history and future of boxing, and we strive to write articles that tell the truth of the story–both good and bad. We are grateful for your time and we guarantee your entertainment.

Voilà, the editorial staff:

Máté Földi.

A journalist by trade but storyteller at heart, Máté is currently based in Paris freelancing as a sports news commentator at Eurosport International. In 2018, his short story “Memories of Eden” beat over 7,000 others to win the World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship.

Noel Veneracion

Jab-to-Jab’s U.S. correspondent, Noel is based out of Houston, Texas, and has been freelance writing since finishing his studies in law school in 2016. Being of Filipino descent, Noel came to understand boxing and its beauty through the fighting style and prowess of Manny Pacquiao.

Pedro Esteves

A sports fanatique and digital media enthusiast, Pedro started freelance writing in 2013, and has moved his writing passions into the boxing world, regularly conducting interviews with known boxers and other athletes in the field.