One of British finest fighters! Originally form South East London, the British cross Super Weight fighter is preparing his comeback and the last couples of weeks have been training in the hot and sunny south of Portugal along with his team. Since the beginning of 2019 that Harding Jr have been training under the guidance of the heavyweight British superstar and title contender Dillian Whyte. While he was in his recent camp he spare us a couple of minutes all told jabtojab how British boxing and athletes are doing in this difficult circumstances. Dive in!

JabtoJab:  How do you think boxing could impact the young men and women life’s in UK?

John Harding Jr: It brings togetherness, discipline. Also, good habitats like healthy eaten. Fitness is something good to have. It promotes a longer life. Boxing is heathy because you need to live in discipline. Need to be very focus. It have a positive impact in young men and women as they grow older.

What British boxing style has that other nationalities don’t have and where is it going in the future? I think British boxing style it is improving a lot more. It used to be focus just on America. We got the fundamentals. The British Boxing style has got a nice high guard and boxing ability. I think we are improving a lot more as each time British boxing is coming back and improving.

The British Boxing style as got a nice high guard and boxing ability

Sports at close doors are arriving and to boxing any time soon. It will be a completely different challenge. We were in quarantine for several months. No competition rhythm. Less training. How do you think it will be the physical and mental impact in an athlete like yourself? Well the sports behind door now everyone is gone eager. Something new. Everybody likes something new. We need boxing back. And if behind close doors is going to save it, then let it happen. We need something. Mentally could be different. Some people fight under pressure. But probably it will not be there much pressure. It will be like sparring. I think boxing wiser will be an improvement. Everyone will be locked in there home watching.

And if behind close doors is going to save it, then let it happen.

How can professional athletes and coaches that depend of the events revenue, survive and overcome these difficult times? Did the British government give any kind of support? It is very hard for boxers to survive at this time, especially on the little shows. It is hard to put fights. How promoters will fund the shows. The people: boxers, referees… Opponents travelling down… It is really a time where everybody needs to step up and have an agreement in what they are about to do. Are we doing it for the love of the money or for the love of the sport? If everybody believed in do it for love of the sport it can still happen. It wasn’t really any kind of support we get, just a few emails from the British Boxing Board and that’s it.

Are we doing it for the love of the money or for the love of the sport?

What are your professional goals for the rest of the year? Is to be active. I’m always ready for opportunity and be in title contention. That’s it. I want to get a title. An international title. Those are my goals for the rest of the year.

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