Authorities should take severe measures! American Heavyweight fighter Jarrel Miller has tested tested again positive for banned drug GW1516. He was suppose to be back in the rings this year but know he have the risk of been banned for life.

“No-one can be more outraged than me! I am prepared to accept my suspension and do my monthly testing but be banned for life, no you are out of your mind. What has happened is sad – I’m angry but there is an explanation for it. Me and my team are working on it.” said the 31 year old fighter to Fight Network

We remember that this was not Millers first time and back in June 2019 he tested positive in the same drug, before his clash against British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. “There is information that will come out eventually. I have made mistakes, big ones, losing financial rewards with the Joshua fight, which hit me hard. I know I messed up again with the world watching. But why the hell would you think I would go back and do something repeatedly, knowing that I’m coming back in my return fight with the financial setbacks and the hardship I am dealing with in my life? I want the general public to think about that.”

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