Goodfellas: Gary Haution

"Maybe, violence is the result of having to prove something, when you’re calm and confident on what you can do - no need!"

Jabtojab: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Gary: Hello ! I’m Gary Haution, from Paris, France, Age 36 years old.

When it happen your first contact with boxing? Really early actually, I remember my first punch – I was five… Then we had the same passion for this sport with my brother and we went from martial arts to MMA and then I decided one year ago to do only Boxing.

How is your relationship with your coaches and colleagues when you are training? We are really careful to each other and I’m always doing my best to understand their advice’s and push it further my physical limits.

What is your motivation for training? A battle with myself – see where I can go and try always to do more!

Which is the boxer you like the most and why? Wow ! Sugar Ray Leonard might be my favorite for humility and moves (this man seems always happy ! haha) – I like also Roy Jones Jr (he’s the result of the greatest from an other era) – Nowadays I would say Canelo and Lomachenko.

And sparring? Describe us the feeling you have when sparring with your colleagues? That depends on the confidence you have with your partner I think – The more confident you are and the more you will permit yourself to hit and get hit (it’s an exchange, a dialogue, a music) I guess that you have to level yourself to the person in front of you. I will never destroy a beginner! (and for some, I’m also a beginner ! laugh).

Did you ever participate in a boxing Event? How was the feeling? I never did – I’m not telling myself that I’m too old ! Everything can be accomplished when you have the heart ! But trust me – I will WIN (smile) .

Besides boxing been a sport where we have lots of physical contact do you believe that if everybody practice, we will have less violence in the streets for example? Maybe, violence is the result of having to prove something, when you’re calm and confident on what you can do – no need!

Do you believed that who practice boxing becomes a better person in work, with family, friends? That might be true also, boxing is, as I said earlier, a battle with yourself at first – like life itself ! You have to be inventive – quick – Adapt – and change if your plan is not working…

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