Debate: Eddie Hearn at Cambridge Union And The Challenging Times Of 2020

The next generation of Business men and women! On October 27, Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn participated in a debate with students at the prestigious debating society Cambridge Union. It is the oldest debating society in the world and the largest student society in Cambridge. They hosted prominent figures like: Dalai Lama, President Ronald Reagan, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and John Major.

In front of a crowd of students, the sports promoter talked about the time he was sick from Covid, and how he strives to maintain the legacy of his father’s work. Or what’s the meaning of success and the importance of having a job you love to easily achieve it. “For me, the key for happiness is fulfillment. Family time is great but it is really about the sense of fulfillment that you have achieved something. I think the best way to do that is to strip everything back and just focus on the short term goals”

He also discussed the importance of Internet content and the result he got when promoting the Social Media fight between Logan Paul and KSI. “Logan Paul and KSI boxed at Manchester arena. When I gave the interviews I thought it was a joke. I said it is a disgrace to the sport. No one is going to go. And then, they sold out the Manchester arena in the first day and they made 1.2 millions paper-per-view buys. And what I found is that I met two individuals that were really bright. I mean this guys are content creators. They understand their audience. They have 25 million subscribers each. You have to embrace that world. The way people are watching has changed for ever. People are watching content on their phones, tablets, ipads and the traditional method of watching TV doesn’t exist anymore”

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