Reinforcements have just arrived! Things have been tough for every sport. France, Europe, United Kingdom and the United States, among other countries, have been suffering with strict restrictions that made boxing fans unable to keep training and going to their clubs.

It is in difficult times like this that we need to keep together and continue pushing the sport of boxing. Coach Adam Haniver, that we had the chance to interview last July, was kind enough to provide us with one month training plan and keep our boxing sharp and alive.

“Please note – these are training suggestions for amateur competing boxers and should not be followed verbatim, day to day. It depends on age, ability, current fitness levels, time in your cycle, injuries and other factors. But, here are some ideas which you can pick and choose to add in to your own program. Always involve your coach. Stretch yourself physically and mentally. Record data and diaries how you feel, how you can change in the moment/program. Involve your coach and co-create your best fit.”, coach Adam Haniver (DiSE Academy Boxing Coach & Assessor; England Boxing National Talent Pathway Coach; England Boxing ; Coach Educator; The Boxing Coaches’ Podcast Host)

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