City For Conquest (1940)

Featuring James Cagney as main actor and actors like Ann Sheridan, Arthur Kenedy, Donald Krisp, Frank Craven, Frank McHugh this is the story of a truck driver-turned-boxer.

“Blinded during a fight by acid-tinged boxing gloves, Cagney tries to exact revenge on the gangster who arranged the “accident,” but is wounded in the melee. Now physically handicapped as well as visually challenged, Cagney becomes the manager of a New York newsstand through the kindness of his former manager Donald Crisp. Cagney uses his earnings to finance the musical education of his violinist brother Arthur Kennedy. Years later, a jilted Sheridan is reunited with Cagney at his newsstand, as both of them listen to the radio debut of Kennedy’s first symphony. Upon its reissue in 1948, the film then ends abruptly (as do several preceding scenes) in order to fit a 98 minute running time; the original 1940 release ran 106 minutes.” according to Rotten Tomatoes

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