John “Pest” Harding Jr

Are we doing it for the love of the money or for the love of the sport? If everybody believed in do it for love of the sport it can still happen.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: One Month To Go

A ridiculous gimmick or potentially the greatest sporting upset of all time?

A New Class Of Warriors: George Lamport

"Well I'd love the Cheeseman or Konway fight, massive respect to both fighters but I believe in myself"

There is a New Sheriff in Town: Emanuel Odiase

Do you ever wonder who’s sparring with the best heavyweight boxers in the world?

Jarrell Miller: Another Failed Drug Test

"No-one can be more outraged than me!"

The Croatian Sniper Strikes Again

and KO's Shawndell Winters!

Boxing’s Biggest Problem

One of the major problems that the boxing world faces is the lack of a single organization that can represent boxing with one voice. Unlike other major professional sports, there is not one entity...