The Austrian Bull: Aleksandar Mraovic

"The more I fought, the more I learned and that's how I created my own boxing style"

What If? “The Bear, Sonny Liston vs “Iron” Mike Tyson

Round 1: Toss-up Round: 10 - 10 Round 3: Tyson: 10 – 9

Wonder Woman: Ashley Sciscente

Exclusive interview!

The Bravest Of Heavyweight Champions; Floyd Patterson

"In 1955, when Rocky Marciano retired, the International Boxing Club announced a six-fighter tournament to find his replacement..."

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: One Month To Go

A ridiculous gimmick or potentially the greatest sporting upset of all time?

“Boxing is like dancing” – A portrait of seven-time European Champion Freddy Skouma

Produced and shot by Theresa Mainka and Christopher Brennan

What If? Marciano vs Ali: The Greatest Fight of All-Time

This is a fantasy involving perhaps the two greatest heavyweights who ever strapped on a pair of gloves.

The Problem With Boxing Purses – Part 1

"Boxers generally make easy targets for these men"

Bring It On: Lauren Parker

"My dad took me to local kickboxing shows to support a local athlete and when I see the women competing I just got this feeling that I knew I would be good at boxing."

More Than A Game: Michael Englert

"The Competition. That motivates me"