A League Of Their Own: Michelle Cox

"for me as a person since I become fully dedicated to boxing it has changed my life"

The Iron Lady: Anais

"3 months after getting back into boxing I had my first boxing event"

Boxe TPO Quartiere Porto

"During years Boxe Tpo built built strong relationships with Cuba where head coach Giuni Ligabue trained..."

The Devil Wears Montana: Eglantine Schmitt

"Boxing has helped me develop more trust in myself."

City For Conquest (1940)

A truck driver-turned-boxer

Breno Macedo: Boxing In Rio Claro, Brazil

"Boxing gives children an opportunity to become athletes, but it also gives them access to culture, education, and social skills..."

Favorite Of The Week: Tavice Ridlinton

"There is no egos in the gym, we all respect one another, we are disciplined in and out of the ring!"

Harv Dykes

"No better feeling in the world than having your hand raised. It's the best buzz and you feel unbelievable."

The Kid from Brooklyn (1946)

The story of milkman Burleigh Sullivan accidentally knocks out Speed McFarlane, a champion boxer.