“Boxing is like dancing” – A portrait of seven-time European Champion Freddy Skouma

To say that Freddy Saïd Skouma could box is to state the obvious. From 1985-1991 he was Europe’s super welterweight champion; in 1986 and 1987 he was vice-Champion of the World. Skouma won 43 fights including 30 by KO. In 1983 the BBC named him Best Boxer, and in 1984 he was awarded the Golden Gloves by Canal +.

‘”Boxing is like dancing”‘ – A portrait of FREDDY SKOUMA’, produced and shot by Theresa Mainka and Christopher Brennan, is an intimate video portrait that follows Skouma pass on his skills to his students at the Cercle Sportif Roger Arbus in Paris. The former champion explains how boxing is similar to dancing, why music is a great inspiration for him, and what his wife has to do with it. (French audio, English subtitles).

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