Fury/Wilder: The Aftermath

"There was no "long count." There was a "slow count." This is one of the most misunderstood rules in boxing"

Mindset of a Champion: Anthony Joshua

A conversation with Anthony Joshua

In the Wake of Paul vs. Mayweather

A discussion around the effect of the Mayweather vs. Paul bout on boxing

Boxing’s Biggest Problem

One of the major problems that the boxing world faces is the lack of a single organization that can represent boxing with one voice. Unlike other major professional sports, there is not one entity that has a de facto monopoly over the industry. In boxing...

“You don’t find boxing, boxing finds you.” An exclusive interview with Russ Anber Part 2

"Jab-to-Jab sat down with legendary trainer, cutman, and founder of Rival Boxing Russ Anber"

Saunders/Alvarez: The Aftermath

"We all have to remember that boxing isn't just a sport to these fighters. It's also a business. It's how Saunders feeds his family."

“And New Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion of the World, Billy Joe Saunders!” Not Bloody Likely!

"Alvarez is a prohibitive favourite - and with good reason. He is at the absolute top of his game. His skills are formidable. He is freakishly strong."

Russ Anber (Part 2)