Mindset of a Champion: Anthony Joshua

A conversation with Anthony Joshua

In the Wake of Paul vs. Mayweather

A discussion around the effect of the Mayweather vs. Paul bout on boxing

Boxing’s Biggest Problem

One of the major problems that the boxing world faces is the lack of a single organization that can represent boxing with one voice. Unlike other major professional sports, there is not one entity that has a de facto monopoly over the industry. In boxing...

“You don’t find boxing, boxing finds you.” An exclusive interview with Russ Anber Part 2

"Jab-to-Jab sat down with legendary trainer, cutman, and founder of Rival Boxing Russ Anber"

Saunders/Alvarez: The Aftermath

"We all have to remember that boxing isn't just a sport to these fighters. It's also a business. It's how Saunders feeds his family."

“And New Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion of the World, Billy Joe Saunders!” Not Bloody Likely!

"Alvarez is a prohibitive favourite - and with good reason. He is at the absolute top of his game. His skills are formidable. He is freakishly strong."

The Foie Gras Punch

In the famous words of “Smoking” Joe Frazier: “kill the body and the head will die”. This is an ode to the liver shot, the body shot that does just this.

Russ Anber (Part 2)